october, 2019

16oct9:00 am4582 Acme Screw AuctionAcme Screw Auction9:00 am CDT (GMT-5.00) Auctioneer: Hilco Industrial Auction Type:Live Webcast AuctionCatalog:Yes

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Acme Screw Auction

Live Webcast Auction


Hilco Industrial


125 E State St Cherry Valley, IL 61016 USA


2019-10-16 09:00:00 CDT (GMT-5.00)

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Cold Headers – (41) Available
5/8in National 810
13mm Chun Zu CBF-1345 (New 1994)
½in National, 3-Available
½in Manville 500C
½in Sacma SP-31 (New 1989)
12mm Nakashimada NP-100 (New 1998)
10mm Chun Zu CH-10LL (New 1989)
3/8in Manville
3/8in Waterbury-Farrel #22
3/8in National 3-Die Bolt Maker
8mm Nakashimada NS-80, NP-80 & PF-860 (New to 1998), 4-Available
5/16in National M8 (New 1973)
5/16in Sacma SP-21, 2-Available
¼in National 34 (New 1976)
6mm Nakashimada NS-60E, NP-60 & PF-630 (New to 1998), 4-Available
6mm Itami NST-6L (New to 1984), 2-Available
3/16in Waterbury-Farrel Hi Pro, 7-Available
3/16in Hartford 3-300
4mm Itami NST-4L & NST-4 (New to 1984), 6-Available
4mm Nakashimada NS-40A (New 1993)
Headers (Open Die, Double Blow)
3/8in Manville #’s 3, 375C and 437C, 4-Available
5/16in Waterbury-Farrel #1
¼in Waterbury-Farrel #00
Thread Rollers – (48) Available
1in Waterbury-Farrel #60, 2-Available
9/16in SASPI GV4-30
½in Hartford 20-225, 2-Available
½in Waterbury-Farrel #30, 3-Available
½in Manville 500C
3/8in Waterbury-Farrel #20, 2-Available
3/8in Hartford 0-400, 5-Available
5/16in Hartford 10-300, 6-Available
¼in Waterbury-Farrel #10, 10-Available
¼in Hartford 4-600
¼in Roy #0, 2-Available
3/16in Hartford 0-400 & 0-500, 12-Available
5/32in Waterbury-Farrel #0, 3-Available
Wire Drawers – (45) Available
9/16in RMG 910, 3-Available
½in RMG 89, 2-Available
½in Fastener Engineering
3/8in Fastener Engineering DTVA-10-28
3/8in RMG 67
3/8in Toolcraft TMC728
5/16in Fastener Engineering DH-150, DH-24 & DTM-05, 3-Available
5/16in RMG 56, 3-Available
5/16in Toolcraft
¼in Fastener Engineering DTNA-02-20, DT-02-20, DTNA-03-20, DTM-02-20, DTM-03-20 & DK-02-20, 11-Available
¼in Toolcraft TMC220, 3-Available
¼in RMG 45, 9-Available
3/16in RMG 34, 3-Available
3/16in Fastener Engineering WR01-16
Nut Formers
3/8in National 5-Die
Shavers – (19) Available
7/8in Townsend #3, 4-Available
¾in Townsend HSS, 7-Available
½in Townsend #2, 8-Available
Slotters – (13) Available
5/16in Warren WS-500 & WS-1000, 4-Available
5/16in Roy, 4-Available
Other Equipment
Bolt Trimmers
Screw Machines
Butt Welders
Finishing Machines

Auction Inspection

14 – 15 October 2019, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm CT or earlier by appointment

Terms & Conditions


All accepted bids are contracts and are considered final and non withdrawable.


A buyer’s premium of 15% will be applied to all purchases.


The person posting the bids online has to be the person who has registered for the auction.